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Here on #MusicMondays we like to feature artists that are not only nice on the mic but bring it with a top-notch pin game as well. Asia Bryant aka Asiahn is one of those artists. Potent with the pen and the vocals.

Asiahn (pronounced “Ahh-zee-yahn,”) has been in the game since the early 2010s coming up by doing songwriting and providing background vocals for major artists ranging from Ne-Yo to J. Lo to even Miley Cyrus. Her talents (which also include three Grammy nods for writing) eventually got her noticed by legendary creator for The Culture Dr. Dre who personally invited her to work on his 2015 album Compton (“Just Another Day,” which featured her and The Game). He was so impressed they continued to work together on the low to help her develop her own sound, a major co-sign indeed.

Love Train (dropped 2017) and Love Train 2 (released in 2019) are Asiahn’s first forays into the solo spotlight. Both projects are full of hot-blooded R&B ballads and slow jams designed to put the emotion back into modern-day R&B music, fight the good fight for positive body images for black women, and last but not least, show off her powerful voice.

Inspirational, aspirational, motvational. Music can serve those purposes for both the listener and the creators. Early in her career music became an outlet as she dealt with the divorce of her parents and the death of her brother and later, her songwriting recognition gave her the confidencce to step in front of the mic in a major way. So far, both of her releases have been independent but with her tlaent and the buzz she is creating, she won’t be an inde artist for much longer so get on board the Asiahn hype train early.

#FunFacts: Asiahn has opened for the likes of Ludacris and Kanye West, and done background sessions for Quincy Jones and worked beside Ne-Yo co-writing the Empire soundtrack song “Shine on Me”.

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