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Today we feature hip-hop YouTuber, TV host, and…rapper?!? DJ Akademiks.

DJ Akademiks is a Jamaican born, NY raised entertainment media personality and creator for The Culture. He covers various hip-hop news and entertainment items on YouTube, TV, radio and on social media. His videos are composed of his raw, off-the-cuff audio commentaries layered on top of stitched-together video clips and GIFs.

Akademiks started out by launching his own website Late Night Creep while he was attending Rutgers University where he covered hip-hop music ​news. Finally in 2013 Ak expanded and launched his YouTube career posting informational and satirical videos covering the entertainment side of The Culture as a whole​. His started gaining traction in 2014 being one of the first to cover the Chicago drill music ​scene (Cheif Keef, Lil Durk, etc.).

And since then he hasn’t looked back, expanding his coverage to include interviews and even some amazingly deep analysis about the inner workings of the music business (and don’t worry the mess is still there too). Today, DJ Akademiks has become one of The Culture’s go-to sources for all things entertainment. He is a co-host for Complex’s YouTube show Daily Struggle and his YouTube channel currently boasts over 2.1 million subscribers and over 1 billion (with a B) total views. Check out his channel HERE.

#FunFact: Akademiks graduated from Rutgers with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomathematics. Talk about putting the Academics in Akademiks.

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