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ballin on a budget youtube channel

The Ballin On A Budget YouTube channel gets the spotlight today on The Feat.

Sneakerhead YouTube is big time. With Jordans, Lebrons, and other signature shoes dropping weekly, there is a lot of content to be created and then consumed if you are part of the sneaker culture. Ballin On A Budget puts a twist on the tried and true sneaker YouTube formula.

As you may have guessed, Ballin On A Budget focuses on finding deals on the kicks we all know and love. Hosted by Frank Nitty, the channel is about the hunt for the next great sneaker deal. He hits up malls and Nike Outlets from Orlando to New York. He vlogs his money saving journey.

These hunt videos are Frank’s specialty. He’s a master at finding affordable shoes, such as sold out and hard to find Jordan’s for unbelievable prices. He also shows love to other kicks like Air Max’s, Foams, Adidas, etc. And his cool and humble demeanor makes you not even mad when he finds something you’ve been searching high and low for. But Frank also does mail hauls, unboxing, and reviews so you don’t miss out on any of the sneakerhead content you’d expect.

Ballin On A Budget with its unique take on the shoe game has found success and is a growing channel. Frank drops videos almost daily, and as of this writing, has over 48k subscribers and 9.5 million total views. So if you like kicks and love deals, this is a channel you should check out.

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