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The ColoCulture YouTube channel is bringing artistry to the kick game.

Part sneaker review, part mini documentary, Colo takes his videos to another level with production values not seen anywhere else on sneaker YouTube. Professional lighting, interesting and varied environments for his on-foot looks and even the use of a drone. Plus you get a good look at the beautiful landscapes of Colorado. His videos are a true feast for the eyes.

And Colo also brings the info. His sneaker reviews are chop full of details and background tidbits for retail and UA kicks alike. And his performance test vids give you an excellent look and idea of how basketball sneakers actually perform on the court.

Currently, Colo is approaching 10k subscribers and 1.5 million total views. This is a channel on the come-up.

From Jordans to Kobes, Yezys to SB Dunks, ColoCulture is for sneakerheads looking for more out of their shoe videos. More info, more looks, more cool. Check out his YouTube channel HERE.


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