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YouTuber Jacques Slade is a major player in sneakers becoming a mainstay of The Culture. Kicks are one of the main ways individual style is expressed. And today on The Feat. we’re featuring Jacque and his channel.

The kick game is big business and you can think of this channel as the CNN of sneaker YouTube. Jacques does almost daily updates and reviews on sneakers plus a little sports, music, entertainment, tech and other random cool things he comes across. But of course shoes are the main attraction here. Jacques is extremely well connected so he gets a lot of information and kicks before anyone else and get exclusive interviews with star athletes and star shoe designers as well.

Jordans to Pumas. Lebron to Travis Scott, sneakers and The Culture are both represented well on Jacques’ channel. Plus his video production is crazy well done and basically second none so you get the best looks at every work of art sneaker he features.


We hope you enjoyed our look at sneaker YouTuber Jacques Slade. Check out more Youtubers of The Feat.

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